American Psychological Association

The American Psychological Association (APA) was founded in July 1892, with 31 members. It grew a lot after World War II (1939–45) and as of 2015 was the world's largest association of psychologists and psychology-related professional organizations.

The APA lists approximately 130,000 members, ranging from undergraduate and graduate students to consultants, educators, researchers, and clinicians.

There are 54 professional divisions in the APA. The doctoral-level members of the APA are employed in a myriad of psychology-related settings, including correctional facilities, posts affiliated with every branch of the military, schools, medical and psychiatric inpatient and outpatient facilities, courts and law enforcement facilities, and a spectrum of business and industrial locations. Doctoral-level psychologists hold a doctor of eduction (Ed.D.), doctor of psychology (Psy.D.), or a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.) in psychology or a psychology-related field from an accredited post-secondary institution. Affiliate and associate members may be undergraduate or graduate students, psychology teachers with a lesser academic degree, allied behavioral health professionals, or doctoral level psychologists who live outside North America.

The APA employs more than 500 staff members, who are responsible for publishing the association's peer-reviewed and juried journals; tracking and trending relevant issues; developing materials to educate the public and various branches of the government about important issues in behavioral health; maintaining psychology databases such as PsycINFO; lobbying and providing professional advocacy on matters of special interest to the field; and overseeing all the divisions, subdivisions, boards, and committees within the APA.

See also American Psychiatric Association ; American Psychological Society (APS); National Association of Mental Health; National Institute of Mental Health .



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