Use WordPress for Easy Site Management

If your plan is to keep the site somewhat small and easily manageable, then your best bet would be to use WordPress as the foundation for your site.


Disclaimer: Before I go on, I know I'll get e-mails from WordPress fans protesting this tip, and heralding WordPress as perfectly fine for large sites as well. After all, there are plenty of examples of successful, very large sites, such as TechCrunch (an online technology magazine), that use WordPress as their foundation. Fair enough. It's really a matter of personal preference. I believe that owner/operators of large sites are better off building and maintaining their own technology rather than using something off the shelf. It's more attractive to investors and potential buyers (should you ever want to sell your business), and ultimately you get to maintain more control over your site and any features you want to add.

Moving on, WordPress is a free tool for managing your content and building your site. Although it began as a way for people to build and manage their own blogs, many small companies have begun to see the value in using WordPress as a basis for their entire site—whether or not they have a blog as part of it.

There are three great things about using WordPress to build your site:

Consider using a WordPress site if you're planning to launch a blog or media site on which to sell advertising, if you want to sell a product to a somewhat limited audience, or to promote your services.

Getting a WordPress site up and running is fairly easy, even if you're not a tech person: