Stay in Touch with Clients Digitally

One of the best parts about freelancing is that technology gives you the ability to work from anywhere and to be in touch without having to be one the phone. In fact, my most recent business card is the first one I've ever had that doesn't include a phone number on it. Between Skype, text, and e-mail, communication can be quick and efficient through strictly digital means. So while you might need to jump on the phone now and then, digital communication should be fine. Just be sure that your devices are on, and you're regularly accessible. Freelancers don't usually get to punch out at 5 p.m. There's always work to do!

A Smattering of Other Ideas

The ideas covered in this book are among some of the more popular ways of making primary or additional income online, but there are many, many others. Here's a quick smattering of some additional ideas you can consider.

(MLA 8th Edition)