Research Other Social Networks, but Don't Overdo It

What I've talked about here are only a few of thousands of social media marketing opportunities. Take some time to look into others, but limit your focus to the ones you really feel will be the most successful at reaching your target market. Even if using the networks is free, remember that the real cost here is in the time it takes to manage your social media accounts. You need to market your company, but you also need to run it. You can't spend all your time working the social media sites. Find a good balance.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

In Part 3 , “Generating Revenue Through Online Advertising,” I talked about how you can make money from online ads by placing them on your site. Well, you can also use ads placed on other sites to market your own company to increase the number of site visitors you receive. It will cost a bit, but it's a highly effective way of increasing traffic, heightening exposure, and potentially tapping into your target audience.

(MLA 8th Edition)