Look to Generate Ad Revenue from Syndication

Syndication is a simple way of showcasing new content on a regular basis and securing higher-paying advertising at the same time. Plus, the content you get from syndicators will help you keep your traffic and encourage them to return more regularly.

Basically, the way it works is that content developers, such as independent video producers, create content and add them to the syndicator's library. (Alternatively, they may syndicate their content directly, and not work through an outside source.) Sites that want to showcase this content add themselves to the syndication network (typically for free) and, just by adding a short bit of code that they provide to you, have other people's content on their site.

There are a number of syndicators out there. Look at Grab Networks (www.grab-media.com ) as an example. With Grab, and other services like it, you can add video or other content to your site that's relevant to your audience or the audience you want to attract. This enables you to showcase more content than you might be able to generate on your own. Even better, most of these syndication networks already have pretty lucrative ad partnerships established, so while they're placing content on your site, they're also putting ads against it—and sharing the revenue with you. Not a bad way to make a buck!

(MLA 8th Edition)