Jump-Start Your Fan Base

Have you ever walked by a restaurant at dinnertime—one you've never tried before—looked in the window and seen that it was empty? If you have, chances are you just kept walking. Not many people want to try a restaurant that nobody else is eating in. You may have even wondered why the owner doesn't just have some friends or family eat there, to make passers-by think the place is more popular.

The same pretty much holds true for your Facebook fan page. Facebook makes it very clear how many people like your page. If someone new comes along and sees that only 14 other people like it, then there's a good chance they're not going to want to click the Like button. Facebook deals in big numbers, and a small number of likes may turn people away.

To get around this, jumpstart your likes by “buying” the first batch. Fiverr.com and other similar sites have tons of people willing to get you a pre-set number of likes on your fan page for a small amount of money. (On that site, everything is only $5.) The likes you'll get will probably be from other countries, and probably won't even be real people, but that doesn't matter. If you get 500 or so, it lets other, real people feel more comfortable about liking your page.

(MLA 8th Edition)