Getting Started

Ever wonder where people get some of the funky looking T-shirts they are wearing? Ever come up with a cute, cool, or funny saying of your own that you thought would sell well if it were on a T-shirt? Well, there are plenty of websites that will allow you to find out—and possibly build a successful e-commerce entity in the process.

Some sites allow you to take care of the creative part of product development while they handle all the rest. Two of the biggest, Café Press ( ) and Zazzle ( ), give you numerous opportunities to reach a wide audience (although you'll find plenty of competition on these sites). With either of these sites (as well as some smaller, lesser-known sites that you can find on Google; try searching for the term “Sites like Zazzle” and you'll find a few), you can create and manage your own store using your own unique designs and their fulfillment services.

Although each site will have its own system for getting up and running, this quick list of things to do to get started is generally correct for all of them:

, “Marketing Your Site,” for more details), you'll also want to do what you can to take advantage of the traffic that comes to the site itself and steer it as best as possible to your storefront.
(MLA 8th Edition)