Generating Revenue through Online Advertising

It's pretty straightforward, really: You have a site or a blog, and you find ways to get people to come to it, and you place ads on it. The more people who come and see or click the ads, the more money you make.

The concept, of course, is much simpler than the execution. But with a growing percentage of marketers’ ad budgets going toward online advertising, generating revenue by selling ads on your site can be a lucrative undertaking. It can be a good way to earn some extra pocket cash with relatively little work. Or, if you're prepared to go the distance, it can turn into a lucrative and highly profitable business.

Because of these two extremes, I've decided to present this section of the book in three smaller segments: “General Considerations for Selling Online Ads,” “Staying Small: Making Spare Cash,” and “Going Large: Building a Successful Online Media Business.” Of course, the larger you go, the more risk you take, but the more opportunities you'll have for making a lot of money online—and possibly building a site that you can sell for a great deal somewhere down the road.

General Considerations for Selling Online Ads

Selling ads online is conceptually pretty straightforward: You have a site, you designate part of each page for placing advertising, and you sell that space to advertisers. But reality is never as simple as all that. There are general points you should be aware of before deciding to take advantage of online ad sales as a revenue-generating opportunity.

(MLA 8th Edition)