Don't Click Your Own Ads

If you're using Google AdWords, or another ad provider like them, you'll very likely be paid on per-click basis—meaning that you'll receive money only when people click on the ads on your site. You'll probably be tempted to click the ads yourself, even if you're just telling yourself that you're curious to see if they work. Don't do it, and don't have friends and family click them for you, either. For one thing, it's stealing. For another, Google is smarter than you are, and they'll figure it out pretty quickly and shut you down. And you know what the fun part about being shut down by Google is? When they decide that they don't like what you're doing, they simply let you know that they're not paying you whatever amount of money you think they should be paying you. And that's pretty much that—there's no recourse, no one to complain to, and good luck getting somebody on the phone. Place ads the right way and be fair about the clicks, and the ad providers will be fair right back at you.

(MLA 8th Edition)