Choose the Right Hosting Services

If you pick up any theme in this section, it's that the choices you make in developing your site are mostly based on how large and complex you intend your site to be, and how much traffic you want and expect to draw. Choosing your host is no different, and selecting the right one for your site can't be overstressed. The host you pick will be your site's home. How well your site performs, and how much support you receive troubleshooting problems, will be directly related to the host you choose.

Here's a rundown of the different types of hosts you can choose from:

Of course, if you make the wrong decision, you can always change hosting services if need be. Be prepared, though, to potentially incur high costs when making this kind of switch and worse, possibly face your site being down for a bit while files transfer from one host to another.

(MLA 8th Edition)