A Quick Look at Online as a Means for Generating Income

You hear about it all the time: people making bundles of cash online one way or the other. Inevitably, you start to wonder: “Why not me?” I don't blame you at all! The Web has created loads of possibilities for generating income…if you know how to do it.

Throughout this book, you'll take a good look at some of the many ways to find success on the Web—what to watch out for, which direction to go, and how to best take advantage of online opportunities.

Throughout this book, you'll look in depth at two of the most common methods for generating online revenue: selling ads and e-commerce. You'll also discover some other popular ways of earning income, including selling on eBay and taking part in affiliate programs, as well as how to get set up and how to successfully market your site. For now, though, you'll take a very quick look at some aspects of the online space and how it can figure into your revenue plans.

(MLA 8th Edition)