Letter from Teacher to Student

Letter from a teacher to a student and her family that had been forcibly removed in 1942.

1650 Selby Avenue
West Los Angeles, California April 6, 1942

Dear Mrs. Honda and Family:

I do wish to thank you for your lovely gifts that you have sent through Rose. It seems so difficult at this time to express ourselves as we really feel. We understand how difficult it must be to give up all you have accumulated here in West Los Angeles, both as to friendships and as to material belongings.

However we can remember all the gracious things that you have done. It has reaped its reward in our school as it has helped build up a fine spirit in our Japanese pupils. We can only hope, further, that although they will be dispersed in various states they will still continue to be Emersonians loyal to all our ideals.

Thank you again. We wish that you may not have to stay away long. Rose was doing so well. It must be that she can come back soon to do the things that a girl of her ability and personality is able to do.

Sincerely yours,
Ruth Brockhouse

Source: Letter from Ruth Brockhouse of Emerson Junior High School to the Honda family. April 6, 1942. National Park Service.

(MLA 8th Edition)