Campus Newspaper

Published by the journalism class, The Campus Pepper and The Spot kept students informed on scholastic activities, sports, and social gossip. In October 1944, The Campus Pepper reported on a speech by Dillon Myer, national War Relocation Authority director, to a student assembly urging them to keep their chins up and “make the most out of your time in high school.”

CAMPUS PEPPER Oct. 13, 1944


Not long ago I overheard a young man in Manzanar make a remark about leadership. It was, “I would not want to be a leader here. It's just sticking your neck out for trouble.”

That same day I heard a girl make a similar remark, “I don't like to be a chairman of a committee; that's being too forward for a girl.”

These two remarks made me think about Nisei leadership and wonder how these young people could ever develop into leaders if they passed by all opportunities for getting experience in leadership.

We all know that the Nisei were lacking in leadership before evacuation at a time when experiences political and social leadership were critically needed.

The Nisei are again taking their places in normal American communities. Let us hope that they are realizing the importance of finding a place for themselves where they can develop leadership and have a voice in community and national affairs.

There is a need for leadership in every age group. Without student leaders, there is no school spirit or morale. The Church, industry, politics, social reform— all need leaders for progress.

Learning to be a leader or learning to follow a leader comes only with practice. Your school life is the best place for this first training.

Dr. Carter

Learning How

Yesterday, after a successful fire drill the Manzanar Secondary Student Body witnessed a demonstration on the use of various fire extinguishers east of the auditorium.

Fire Chief Hon opened the assembly by addressing the students. In his address he related several incidents regarding fire. One was the large fire in Chicago in 1871, and another was the setting aside of fire prevention week sometime in October by President Wilson in 1913. Each year at least five hundred million dollars is lost through fires. Something burning every minute means the loss of more than one million dollars a day.

The demonstration started with a sizzle when Mr. Smith was drafted to demonstrate a pump extinguisher used for ordinary fires. The use of the foamide was demonstrated by Mr. Rogers. This foam is to blanket the flame and used usually on oil fires.

Mr. Dykos demonstrated the Pyrono Extinguisher but this is not so highly recommended. Mrs. White demonstrated the carbon dioxide extinguisher and Mr. Inouye finished the demonstration with the fog spray.


Editor in Chief..........Teddy Hayashi
Assistant Editor..........Seizo Tanibata
News Editor..........Yuki Shiba
Feature Editor..........Marian Uyomatsu
Exchange Editor..........Virginia Kikuda
Business Manager..........Roy Muto
Make-up Editor..........Ken Yamamoto
Assistant Make-up..........Henry Nakano
Boys' Sports Editor..........Shorty Hashimoto
Girls' Sports Editor..........Rosie Tamai
Reporters..........Alice Nakahama, Lily Yoshino, Lawrence Honda, Mary Honda, Rosio Honda, Sue Ioki, Kazuko Kedota,

Florence Kikura, Aiko Miyaki, Toshiko Korishita, Kiyo Nishi, George Sakamoto, Kuniaki Sakamoto, Sumiko Yamaka, Yuri Yamazaki, Kazy Yoshimura

This, The Third Year

You have just commenced your third year at Manzanar Secondary School. This should be your best year so far, not only at Manzanar but at any school which you have attended.

As you look back over the development of the high school and is progress since Evacuation, it is evident that our students have come a long way in working out educational opportunities that compare favorably with those of the schools from which they came and the schools to which we believe they will go before long.

In our classes, on the school grounds, and with our student council, our clubs, and with other organized groups you all have an opportunity to get the same kind and the same quality of education that you can get elsewhere. To do this we need all “hands” working together to achieve good scholarship, a fine spirit, a high type of character, and well developed extra class activities.

The staff of the CAMPUS PEPPER this semester is organized as a club. The size of the paper will be smaller at first, but the quality of the finished job should be and can be of the highest. Let us all pledge our support to the staff in giving us a school paper that will serve the needs of our students in promoting the things that we believe are most worthwhile.

Rollin C. Fox Principal
Junior Council

At a recent Junior Council meeting a Seventh Grade Initiation was discussed. Closing the initiation period, a party has been suggested, a party of which will be devoted to a Court of Consequences. This Court will “try” the Seventh Grade violators of “Initiation Week.”

Dillon S. Myer

Last week, at the first assembly held in the new auditorium, the Manzanar High School Student Body was honored to have as their guest speaker, Dillon S. Myer director-in-chief of the W.R.A.

Mr. Myer began his address with the statement that people on the whole have two things to fight, ignorance and fear. To help overcome these two factors, there is nothing better than a good education.

Ending his speech he said, “Keep your chin up! Get the most out of your time in High School. Education is not everything, but it is basic. We must have it to fight ignorance, fear, and those feeling of insecurity which are caused by not being adequately prepared. Manzanar is making its contribution to the services of the United States through the fellows who have volunteered or have been drafted through the Selective Service.”

“Students of Manzanar, I am proud of you.”

Prevention Week

Fire-prevention week, a nationwide observance, is being commemorated in Manzanar, October 8–14, by a seven-day program. This program includes demonstrations of fire extinguishers and equipment to the kitchen crews and hospital staff, fire drills at both Elementary and Secondary schools, movies for the public, and a general clean-up.

Besides this program, an essay and poster contest was sponsored by Community Activities and the Fire Department. The winners will be announced at a public assembly on Friday, October 13, at 8:00 p.m. Fire Prevention movies will be shown tonight at the auditorium. Tickets are available at the Block Offices.


  1. I'LL WALK ALONE—Sumi Nomoto
  2. IS YOU IS OR IS YOU AIN'T—Rosie Honda
  3. TOGETHER—Shorty and Teddy
  5. TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE—All late students
  6. SWINGING ON A STAR—Seventh Grade
  7. IT HAD TO BE YOU—Jiro Iwata
  8. I'LL BE SEEING YOU—Mary Toguchida

Getting Personal

Hello, GILA: Guri “Harriet” M., how's your “Ideal”?

Wondering who “Green Eyes” is? Just ask Jiro Iwata or Tsutomu Toma—they'll be sure to know.

I wonder why Tamotsu Nakahara gets so red when he's called “Brooklyn”. It couldn't have anything to do with a certain K.Y. who went to New York, could it?

It seems that Tosh M. can't make up her mind about who her “a-re” is. Come on, Tosh, tell us. Is it K.M. or T.M.?

Why is Sumi Nemoto so sad these days? It couldn't be because someone has left camp, could it?

Isn't it a coincident, Yoshiko N., that “I'll Walk Alone” seems to fit you and your M.S.

T. Amano, your favorite class seems to be 5th period English. Could it be S.H.?

Why is T. Hayashi called “Shorty”? Is it because she is so tiny? Wonder how she takes it?

Do you notice the “light” in Tom Izuhara's eyes when a certain Y.N. is mentioned?

Sport Bits

Mr. Fox has sent a letter to our neighborhing High Schools asking for games with Manzanar Hi. Let us all hope that the answer will be “YES.”


Glancing in the boys' stock room, we can see so many lavender trunks that we think they might go around the whole project.


We have some football equipment, a part of which came from Jerone. The trouble may be that the equipment is so big that we cannot fit the boys into them.

Girls Elect

The officers of the girls' Physical Education classes elected at the beginning of term now have the classes running smoothly. They are as follows: Period I, President, Kazy Yoshimura; Vice-President, Gladys Natsumoto; Secretary, Kiyou Nishi; Period II, President, Kei Ono; Vice-President, Mas Yogo; Secretary, Ryo Yano; Period VII, President, Yuki Shiba; Vice-President, Teddy Hayashi; Secretary, Tasie Kitagawa.

Mr. Smith

Our coach, Mr. Smith, prefers Huntington, West Virginia, but since he is here he doesn't mind the weather too much, except for the sand and dust.

He has attended Marshall college in Huntington and received his degree from Alderson-Broaddus college, Philippi, West Virginia, which is about the size of the Manzanar High School.

After arriving here, he was offered a job at Rivers, Arizona, but he is satisfied here because all the students tell him it is worse down there.

He has a sense of humor a mile long with his “corny” jokes. Don't worry, because we have an experienced instructor.


Intramural football games are just around the corner with Coach Smith as the director. The teams were formed in gym classes; therefore, all the teams will have stiff competition.

Some games will be played during the class period and others will be played after school. It is anticipated that awards will be given to the winning teams.