Avoid Electronic Cigarettes

Avoid Indoor Tanning Beds

Avoid Unhealthy Diets and Weig

Build Social Connections and F

Build Your Resilience

Cultivate Healthy Dating Relat

Dont Become a Bully

Dont Skip Breakfast

Dont Text While Driving

Dont Use Antibiotics Unless Ne

Drink Sufficient Water

Eat Meals as a Family as Often

Eat More Local Foods

Eat Organically Grown Foods Wh

Eat the Recommended Amount of

Eliminate or Greatly Reduce th

Get Enough Sleep

Get Screened for STIs

Get Vaccinated for Conditions

Get Vaccinated for HPV Human P

Improve Health Literacy Skills

Improve SelfEsteem

Incorporate Healthier Snacks i

Learn More About Internet Addi

Learn Ways to Prevent Violence

Limit Exposure to Electromagne (1)

Limit Exposure to Electromagne

Limit Fast Food Intake

Limit Processed Food

Limit Screen Time

Limit Sodium and Salt Intake

Limit the Intake of Caffeine a

Maintain a Healthy Body Image

Maintain Good Bone Density

Make Time for Frequent Exercis

Participate in Group Sports

Practice Excellent Home Dental

Practice Mindfulness

Practice Safer Sex

Prevent Sports Injuries

Prevent Vitamin D Deficiency

Protect Your Hearing

Read Food Labels

Reduce Stress

Reduce Your Intake of Refined

Take Care of Your Feet

Use Emergency Contraception Wh

Use Protective Gear

Use Seatbelts

Use Sunscreen

Walk or Bike Instead of Drivin