A constituency is a geographical district or territory, or the collective persons therein, that elects one or more representatives to serve in a legislative assembly or other governmental entity. Each individual in a constituency is a constituent. In the United States only the president and vice president have truly national constituencies. All other elected representatives are responsible to those persons in their home constituencies for election and reelection. Constituencies range in size from a whole state, as for members of the United States Senate and governors, to home districts that are portions of states, as for members of the United States House of Representatives, to smaller local political districts, as for state and local officials. Additionally, constituency can refer to voters who form specific interest or demographic groups, such as retired people. Many elected representatives work with the constituency, or membership, of such groups for mutual political gain. All elected representatives face the challenge of representing the constituents who elected them and the wider constituency they serve.

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Cory Jensen
Schenectady County Community College